Kris was the head admin (along with Jason ) of


Kris' profile picture.

Kris helped out with coding and many other forum stuff. He was also the most preferred staff member due to being 'smart assed in serious situations which make him funny'. Kris was diagnosed with internal bleeding in November 2011 and was taken into hospital in February 2012.

Kris passed away on the 17th of April 2012 at the age of 15 after a long fight with internal bleeding. He also died of organ failure

Kris' funeral was on the 26th of April 2012, and both John and Jason attended, along with a few other mods, admins and some donators.

Status of accountEdit

Not much is known about what will happen to Kris' account at this moment in time. John is opening appliactions for someone to take Kris' place.


  • Kris has a total post count of 5135.
  • Kris said he hates Pokémon but loves to insult himself by putting his profile picture as Pikachu.
  • Kris was best friends with Jason and John in real life.
  • He loves to act funny.